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We're ready to use over 30 years of industry experience to grow your brand.

LHJ Brand Strategies is a Nashville-based creative studio that provides visual representations of the messages our clients desire to communicate.  Our focus is on you “the client” and your customers. We seek to develop working relationships with all parties involved. We rely on both brand strategy and design. Good design is linked to a good brand strategy, and a strong strategy begins with clear “front-end” communication. Instead of employing a singular, one size fits all approach, our team adapts to your unique needs, work flow and company culture. We understand fully that the most profitable relationships are collaborative, therefore, the very best strategy is created together.

LHJ Brand Strategies provides solutions for established brands, emerging businesses, and not-for-profit entities to visually represent the messages that speak directly to the target market. This includes brand strategy, marketing communications, visual identities, advertising, digital/social experiences, package design, and event environments.  Our client roster encompasses a broad range of industries so we can offer surprising perspectives and solutions to your marketing needs. 

Our team is lead by a Nashville-native, creative professional with over 30 years of industry experience. Being client-focused, efficient, reliable, and versatile are counted among our many strengths. We ask tough questions, listen intently, and push creative limits with your brand in mind. We have a passion for creating something innovative, engaging, and aesthetically on-point. In short, our passion is to make your brand the best it can be.  Let’s get started!

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